Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reflections on the New Year

Another year gone, another year closer to the Great Darkness that marks the end of what we laughably call civilization. And let me tell you, with the way work is going, I'm halfway looking forward to it.

If you remember, I mentioned that the rush leading up to the holidays was pretty crazy - mainly because everybody wanted to make sure that they had enough of whatever they needed to make it through to January.

Well, the post-holiday rush is actually worse. That's when everyone who had just barely enough meds to carry them through... realizes that they're now completely out, and they must have their refills now. What do you mean that you don't have it waiting for me? Didn't you know I was going to be coming in? It should be right there in the computer. You'll have to order it? That is not acceptable.

Overwrought and indignant customers aside, though, I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about the end of the world. I mean, I understand the appeal of burning everything down... but if the Ancients have their way, there won't be any starting over afterwards. It'll all be darkness and ruin, until the cold saps away the last vestiges of life. And while I used to be cool with that, the idea of Claire scavenging for survival in the rubble... I don't like it.

I'm still okay with being devoured, or whatever, myself. But apparently I'm not at all okay with anything like that happening to her. Which could be a real problem, if the end of the world is actually nigh.

I, um, I don't think I'm allowed to hope that it isn't.

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