Monday, January 10, 2011

Callahan's Monday Pun

So, it finally snowed yesterday. And because I generally scoff at what passes for winter weather here in Texas, we went out to lunch in the middle of the snowstorm. When we got back, I put the car in the garage. Naturally, the snow melted off the hood and roof of the car. Later, we brought my wife's car back and put it in the garage as well. (It was over at the local auto shop gettings its air conditioning repaired. Don't ask...) So now we have meltwater from two cars in there.

The floor of our garage is not inclined in the direction you might expect. Instead of running out the door and down the driveway, the water accumulated in one corner of the garage. It formed a sizeable puddle.

That's right.

We're carpooling.

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  1. There must be another joke in there somewhere about car ports... it's too early for me to function, though.


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