Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Notes from the Mad Science Lab: Spider-Mammoth

I note with interest that a group of Japanese researchers are trying to move in on my territory. They believe they can resurrect the wooly mammoth within the next five years. No doubt they think they're clever.

Well, I'll show them. Resurrecting extinct species is a good trick, but why stop there? In five years, I can not only bring back the wooly mammoth, I can make it better. And then I will show them what a real Mad Scientist can do - I will send my wooly spider-mammoths to their lab!

And to think... there are children in school today who think that science is boring. If only they understood the allure of forbidden knowledge, the pleasure of challenges overcome, and the raw, visceral satisfaction of irrefutably demonstrating to your rivals that they were wrong, and you were right all along!


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