Friday, January 14, 2011

Real Work Conversations: Red Shirts

This one's actually from yesterday morning.

Boss: {Stands up and notices that we're both wearing red shirts and black slacks.} "Well, crap."

Me: "Let me guess. You woke up this morning and thought that this was going to be the sort of the day where you beamed down to the planet as part of the security detail."

Boss: "Pretty much."

Me: "Yeah, me too."


  1. yeah and you know what happens to the guys in red shirts. :)

  2. Wow. I kind of love your boss. I'm on the job hunt right now, and I can only hope I get one that cool.
    Think you could put in a good word with the Dark Ones for me?

  3. Well, I'm in the wrong part of the country to be any direct help, but I'll leave a note for the Cultist and see if he's willing to sacrifice a Bumbler or something...

    Good luck, though.


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