Monday, October 11, 2021

State of Us

So last week's blog posts were a lot of music and not much else, and honestly this week looks likely to be the same. I'm working a bit on the Magic School for Monsters project (and I have an outline! Yay!) and another short story that's based on, um, me not remembering something in a book that someone else wrote, and then picturing how a similar incident might have turned out differently. Which is A) not going to appear here on the blog, I think, and B) trying to be much longer than I originally had in mind. I think it actually wants to become the first chapter of something, and I'm desperately trying to rein it in because I do not have time for that and will not finish it. 

And yeah, I have a bunch of things that I could be working on for the Blog o' Doom here if I could get my shit together, but work is piling projects on top of projects and that's sucking up a lot of my energy, plus the boys are out of school for today and tomorrow, and those two non-blog writing projects are currently occupying whatever's left of my Writing Brain. 

So the odds of my getting more writing done here on the blog are poor, with the exception that I should be able to attend the D&D game this week. (I didn't make it last week; there were other things in the way, and by the time they were out of the way I was just too tired. Like, "didn't trust myself to drive" tired.) And I might be able to do the blogging challenge; we'll see how that looks. I might not, too. 

For now, I'm going to go to sleep, secure in the knowledge that at least I don't have to get anyone else up in the morning.

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