Friday, October 8, 2021

At least it's Friday?

It's now been five weeks since the surgery, and Beautiful Wife continues to recover rapidly; at this point I'm less concerned that she'll tear something (or even strain something) and more worried about her overextending in terms of energy: she still wears out a lot faster than usual, which means she's frequently exhausted and taking a fair number of naps. (When she feels like she can; she's also back to teaching, which, ngggrrrrrrg.)

Meanwhile I'm exhausted from trying to keep the household running and clean, and keep everybody fed and on schedule. (And I still don't know how we'd have survived this without those gift cards - thanks again, guys!) Plus, work keeps dumping new, large, important projects on me and I'm seriously behind on like six of them. Frankly, I don't get paid enough for this.

On the plus side, what with the labor shortage and all this seems like a very good time to be looking for work elsewhere... Not that I really have time for a job search, but it's sort of thing that's worth making time for.  

Adulthood is relentless.

With that... let's have some music. How about Within Temptation?

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