Monday, September 13, 2021

Character Sketch: Darian Silver

Darian Silver is a fourteen-year-old with a problem: his shadow magic has a mind of its own and keeps getting him into trouble. With his family’s support, he’s applied to Sunhaven Academy in the hope that a school full of monsters will be better equipped to deal with him than his own small town. Unlike most of his new peers, Darian isn’t ambitious, privileged, or status-conscious; he didn’t come to make connections or prepare for his time in the Imperial Army and a career afterwards. Making a place for himself won’t be easy, but it’s the only plan he has. 

Darian is also unusual in that he has no focus, and that probably half of the magic he knows comes from the Great Forest (and will be weaker or unusable at Sunhaven, which is on the far side of the empire). He is of average height, wiry and slim, and has a good grounding in basic survival sorcery, including some healing.

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