Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Character Sketch: Aiden Smith

Aiden is a Cobalt, one of the blue-skinned people who live in the Great Forest and mine the mountains beyond it. He is beginning his first year at Sunhaven, and hopes to bring what he learns there back to his people and perhaps help them achieve a better position with the empire. (Cobalts, as a general thing, are familiar with the magics of the forest rather than those of the empire; they are generally considered a separate people rather than imperial citizens, and their freedom is assured mainly by the Great Forest's evident dislike of anyone who tries to exploit its resources. Otherwise, they'd probably have been assimilated into the empire by now.) Aiden is tall and slender, and his focus is a familiar: in this case, a small semi-dragon that usually rides on his shoulder. He wears a silver ring to help him remember his family.

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