Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Challenge: Favorite Holiday

This is part of the weekly Blogging Challenge over at Long and Short Reviews. If you'd like to participate, you can find the prompts here. They also put up a post every Wednesday where you go and link your response -- and see everyone else's. Check out their homepage to find it.

The challenge for this week is "favorite holiday of the year and why", and Y'all? It's Halloween.

It's always been Halloween. And if I have to actually explain why, I'm not sure we can still be friends.

I mean, c'mon! One day a year, you get to strip off your skin and reveal your true, monstrous self -- and people give you candy for it! What's not to like? And candy doesn't clutter up you house the way unwanted presents do.

True story: when I started Grad School my roommate and I lucked into an apartment at a really good price. We put up Halloween decorations when the season rolled around, and we didn't take them down for the next two years. It really cut down on the number of solicitors we got. When we finally moved out, management refused to return our deposit on the basis that we'd had Halloween lights up in the central hallway for two years and they'd scorched the paint so they'd have to redo it. (Well, ostensibly -- I think they just figured we'd been paying well below market for two years and they were owed. Which is ironic, because they never said anything about the finger-painting of runes and monsters that my roommate had done in glow-in-the-dark paint in his bathroom. Presumably that just sat there until the next tenant discovered it by accident... it wasn't visible during the day.)

Anyway, yes: Halloween is the best holiday ever. I'd ask what yours is, but obviously it's going to be Halloween, right?


  1. This seems to be a favorite of a lot of the bloggers!!!! Good choice

  2. Yeah, I think Halloween has had the most posts about it this week.

    It's such a great holiday.

    My post:

  3. With all the bloggers posting about their favorite horror stories, this was bound to be one of the favorites.

  4. Nah. Since I got too old to get candy for costumes, and husband shoves me out of the way in his race to be the one to chat up the trick-or-treaters, the only thing I look forward to is our yearly viewing of "Young Frankenstein." If Mel Brooks never did anything else, he'd be among my favorite directors just for that one movie! "Frau Bleucher! Neigh!"

  5. Yep, Halloween in my favorite Holiday because you can be what ever you want to be and very few find that strange. Thanks for sharing, here's mine.

  6. Halloween/Samhain is my second favorite holiday. It kicks off all the rest. Enjoyed your post.

  7. Bahahaha!! I bet the next tenant freaked out going potty late one night. That is stellar! That gave me a smile and laugh that should last me a while. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Am laughing over the finger painted runes in the bathroom. I bet the next tenant got a fright!!

  9. I would have loved to be that next tenant!


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