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VtM: The End Of The Fight

Willard has thrown the fridge through the door, pinning one guy under the fridge and scaring the crap out of the other two. Mario is still in the kitchen with Jack, and looks for a gun from the dead guy. Lucien is coming back down the stairs with his blade.

Mario fails to find a gun. Jack, looking out the window, watches Charon approach, and tries to mesmerize him; despite his absolute concentration, Charon smiles and says, "Nice try, thinblood." Bianca emerges from the safe room and comes upstairs, notes the destruction of her front door, and immediately goes into a frenzy. Willard: "Hello there, little lady!"

Willard grabs a guy, clenches him, and tries to squish him. He doesn't kill the guy, but somebody's going to need to put his ribs back in place. His victim tries to break free, and fails. The remaining human on the front lawn aims his gun at Willard's head and empties the clip. Willard's head is... bruised. Charon comes right up on Jack, aiming to cut, and takes him down.

Willard continues to try to squeeze the life out of this guy; Mario sees Charon with the machete, and decides try to restrain him and then stab him. Bianca is frenzying.

Mario moves in to stab Charon. Charon dodges, and stabs back at Mario, injuring him. Jack heals a bit, and Bianca - frenzied by the sight of her shattered front door -- is wrestling with Lucien, who's attempting to restrain her. Willard is still squishing his guy, and something crackly happens in his spine. Willard turns to glower at the remaining merc, who reloads his waepon.

Willard prepares to tackle his guy; Mario prepares to stab Charon again; Jack is still healing; Bianca's still frenzied, and Lucien is still... occupied.

There are other people on the lawn, coming up with machetes. Willard: "Sumbitch."

Lucien yells: "Chanteuse, calm yourself!"

Mario tries to cut again, and slices him. Bianca gets herself back under control while Jack heals himself. Willard leaps in for the tackle, but the guy steps out of the way and Willard crashes to the ground but imemdiately pops back up. The merc tries to empty his newly-reloaded pistol into Willard's head again. Charon attacks and hits, but Mario soaks part of it; he is badly damaged.

Willard decides to go for another clench. Bianca decides to kill Willard by breaking Lucien's hold and borrowing his sword. Jack decides to come to his feet and stab Charon from behind. Mario goes for Celerity: slash and dodge.

One of the lawn-machete guys advances on Willard, and tries to slice him. Lucien, looking at Bianca: "Which one do you want me to murder?"

Bianca: "I guess you go for the bad guys, and I go for Willard."

Lucien: "We have but one sword."

Bianca: "Then go get a gun."

Lucien picks up the sword: "You should return to the panic room." He advances onto the lawn.

A woman with a machete advances on Willard. She's less skilled, and Willard, well, kind of parries with his massive abs. He doesn't take any damage.

Jack attempts to attack Charon, but fails to do any damage.

Bianca charges out to jump on one of the guys who was attacking Willard. The guy with the gun on the lawn reloads his gun. Willard clenches him, ignoring the two guys approaching with machetes. He squishes him and injures him.

Bianca decides to jump on somebody's back: the man with the machete. Willard intends to crush the guy he's holding, Jack decides to dodge as well as he can. Mario uses celerity again, for a heal-and-dodge action.

The guy with the machete turns to face Lucien, who salutes him with his sword and then moves in. The guy tries to dodge, but fails; he's not badly damaged, but he's damaged. The woman with the machete moves to attack Bianca, and hits her; but fails to do any actual damage. Bianca: "My dress! You bitch!"

Charon slashes at Mario, who dodges. Jack, finding that Charon hasn't attacked him, dodges behind the island in the kitchen. Bianca, with her dress damaged, changes course and decides to punch the woman instead. She flattens her nose. Willard, meanwhile, is squishing the mortal in his arms and crushing his kidneys into pudding. The guy tries to escape, but fails.

Charon attacks Mario, misses, misses again, hits and cripple Mario, and hits again... and incapacitates Mario.

Willard just keeps squeezing, put all his attention into it -- and plans to charge the guy with the machete afterwards. Jack concludes that he needs to throw a knife at Charon.

Lucien trades blows with Machete guy, and cuts him a couple of times; he's hurt. The woman with the machete misses Bianca.

Mario heals. Charon comes around the island to attack Jack, and downs him.

Bianca, meanwhile, punches the smile off the machete-wielding vampire woman's face. Willard squishes his guy, who goes down. "Don't worry little lady, Ah'm coming!" he charges the machete woman vampire and tackles her, knocking her flat and crippling her. Willard manages to stay on his feet; so does she. Willard tips his hat to Bianca as he passes; she hisses back at him.

Jack dies as Charon cuts his head off. Charon zips around and decapitates Mario as well.

Willard looks around; Lucien has sliced up his opponent, machete-guy; the woman with the machete is crippled. Willard decides to heal. Bianca decides to punch her again.

Machete guy attacks Lucien, who parries and ripostes but misses. Machete girl tries to attack Willard, using a bit of dominate. He was healing anyway, so he stops as she commands. Bianca punches, but the woman with the machete soaks it.

Willard moves in to clench the guy who's fighting with Lucien, mauling him.

Willard continues crushing his victim. Bianca punches some more. Also, Willard has regained two willpower for squeezing people in half with brute strength. Lucien attacks the guy that Willard is holding, and hits; but he cuts Willard on accident. Bianca figures this is just the correct priorities.

Machete Woman attacks Bianca, and cuts her. Bianca is bruised, her dress is damaged, and she is *pissed*. Bianca bitch-slaps her again, loudly but not for any great damage. Willard crushes his guy, who's incapacitated.

Mario: "Lucien, cut this guy's head off." He wants to clench the chick. Bianca intends to punch.

Lucien finishes the guy off. The girl makes a limp for it. Bianca pursues her and punches her again. She goes down. Willard was planning to tackle her again, but she's down... Willard goes running back to help Mario!

A little late, but okay.

Willard runs into the kitchen and finds Mario and Jack's decapitated bodies. He figures out that this was clearly done with a knife.

Lucien: "Madame Grand, she is in danger. I can feel it."

Bianca: "But they're in the panic room!"

Meanwhile, back in the panic room:
Valeria hears gunfire outside. Then the door rips off the panic room, and there's a young guy with a machete. "Walk away," he says.

Valeria circles around him, hands up, then comes up behind him and kicks him in the balls from behind. He whirls around, and at that moment Madam Grand bolts past him. Valeria steps back and holds her hands up. "Kidding!"

Charon takes off after Madam Grand. Willard looks up as she races past; he's looking for whoever killed Mario. Charon comes out right behind her, and Willard steps in and clenches him. Squoosh! "This is for Austin! And Mario! And all the Corona-ers!"

Bianca and Lucien are coming back towards the doorways when Madam Grand comes racing out. "Anarchs!" she cries. "They're in the house as well!"

Bianca: "We will burn it down!"

Madam Grand: "Guard me! I must make a call!"

Lucien: "I must finish off the other attacker."

Charon tries to escape from Willard's grip, but fails. Willard squeezes him. "Mario, this is for you." He squeezes the crap out of Charon, incapacitating him. Willard breaks him. Lucien walks up calmly. "I do not believe that anyone, Prince Cross or otherwise, would sanction you for taking his blood."

Willard: "Wait, what?" Then he diablerizes the FUCK out of Charon. He uses his last willpower; it's almost like the blood's fighting back. He goes all the way down, drinking up all of Charon in the most intimate possible way.

Bianca walks in, looks at this. "Haven't I endured enough?" She walks back out.

Willard completes the claiming of Charon's blood. He even manages not to frenzy as he takes the guy's essence into his own soul.

Valeria finds Jack's body in the kitchen.

Madam Grand: "I'm so sorry. Do you have a place to stay?"

Valeria": "No, it'll be fine, we'll just go back to the apartment and Jack'll be back in the morning..."

Madam Grand, dominating the hell out of her: "Look at me, child. You need to come with me. I'll see to you."

Valeria, dominated: "Okay."

Bianca is having a meltdown. "My dress! My house!"

Madam Grand: "I am so sorry. We'll see to putting things right."

She departs with Valeria in tow; her custom Rolls Royce pulls smoothly and silently out of the estate.

Willard tries to glue Mario's head back on, but it doesn't work. Then he goes out to the truck and looks at Austin. Austin is out completely. He's still alive, but he's really sick.

Willard turns him.

So at about 4:00 a.m. The Chaos' eyes flutter open. "Willard, man, I had this fucked-up dream, I was really sick, but I feel so much better."

Willard: "It's okay, Mario man, you just had this crazy dream where you were Austin, but you're Mario."

Austin/Mario: "Aw, damn. I forgot. I am Mario."

Willard closes the door. The engine roars to life, the music kicks in, and drives back to Mario's home.

(It's very weird playing a game where some of the party is playing Interview with the Vampire, one person is playing The Lost Boys, and one is playing Near Dark.)

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