Saturday, May 9, 2020

Youth DnD: Outside the Dungeon

The party continued on, clearing out the room of Hobgoblins and then heading east... where they were attacked by a trio of oddly deformed, zombie-like goblin who seemed to covered in/taken over by some sort of fungus. They defeated them and looked into the room from which they'd emerged, and found it covered in the same violet fungus: walls, floors, and ceiling alike. Unwilling to enter the room, the sorcerer used his alchemy jug to splash as much oil around as he could manage, then set it alight with firebolt and backed far, far away. They waited, and entered again once the room had burned clean, claiming seven cuts of violet topaz.

However, their investigations roused a group of bugbears, who came charging out into the corridor, followed a moment later by their chief; the battle was intense but brief, and the group searched the bugbears' rooms, obtaining some treasure including a ring of feather falling which the arcane trickster claimed.

They then continued on, opening another door and engaging with four Hell Hounds in a battle which left the swashbuckler heavily wounded; rather than continue, they elected to withdraw and rest until later. From this room the swashbuckler collected an obsidian knife with a pearl handle (+2 Dagger) and the group gained 30 PP.

Treasure from this session and the last, which will need to be split with Lord Aldenmier, includes:
30 PP
350 GP
270 GP
200 GP
700 SP
An Amethyst worth 200 GP
A red Spinel (it's a kind of gemstone, so we got to learn something new) worth 175 GP
A nicely tooled belt that the Grimlocks must have taken from somewhere else.
7 cuts of violet topaz, worth 150 GP each.
Round Metal Shield +2

General Party treasure at present is:
25 PP, 3,327 GP, and 331 SP.
A potion of Healing
(Plus an ivory sheath that's currently sitting on a small table until someone can hang it on a wall.)

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