Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Perchance to dream...

I made it through work yesterday (barely), then picked up the boys, made dinner, and collapsed on the couch for a brief 11-hour nap. Woke up this morning to discover that the boys had laid down two rows of those inflated plastic packing pillows -- either to cushion the fall if I rolled off the couch, or as a trap for when I woke up. (I asked, and of course you're right: it was a trap.) I made breakfast and took a long, hot shower which will no doubt come as a great relief to my co-workers.

So I'm back at work, the boys are at school, the Beautiful Woman is in the middle of the Season Of Grading, and the cat still wants treats. I'm... better. Still a little strung out, I think, but better. I spoke to my Dad again yesterday, and he's still moving along; I think he'll be okay until he runs out of things to do. The boys have expressed some sadness, but they're doing pretty well so far. We've had a ton of condolences come in, and I'm behind on responding to them (because, well, unconscious) but believe me when I say that I appreciate every one of them.

This would be a good day to have a bunch of mindless edits to make, stuff where I could keep working but mostly run on automatic pilot. Instead, I need to sort through some projects, make some strategic decisions, and start getting some things in motion. This probably isn't the best day for trying to use my brain like that, but it needs to be done so that's what I'm doing. More later, when I have some time to settle down and do more writing...

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