Thursday, April 14, 2016


Some say the world will end in fire,
Others in flood or ice,
Or Civ'lization will collapse,
In violence and vice.

There's famine, plague, or asteroid,
To bring about our ends,
Or aliens come harvesting
Our families and friends.

Or World War III, or World War Z,
With zombies in the streets,
Or scientists and GMOs
polluting what we eats.

Perhaps a wolf consumes the sun
or God will come to judge.
Perhaps we die of poisoning
from our own toxic sludge.

The latest smartest robots might
Decide to wipe us out,
And if the flooding misses us
We still could die of drought.

So many things could cause the end--
far more than just this list--
It's hard to say what might be best
Or which seems likeliest.

I doubt 'twill be disaster or
Act of Divinity;
What brings us down, I most suspect
is our stupidity.

© 2016

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