Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Someone draw this for me?

Midnight. A darkened alley. Three figures run down it, laundry bags slung over their shoulders. Behind them, an alarm wails.

Unseen overhead, a dark shape passes across the alley, black cloak spread like wings against the sky.

The figures in the alley slow, then stop. They are not far from the end of the alley, but a dumpster hides them from view. One of them sets his sack down. "Is it clear?"

The bag slumps oddly. It isn't full of laundry; it's full of boxes of stolen electronics.

"I'll look," another one volunteers. He turns, just as a figure in black drops to the ground beside him. "Oh, no."

"It's him," says another of the thieves.

"We're dead," says the third, but grabs for his gun anyway.

A line of red cleaves the darkness, and the two halves of the gun go spinning away. The light from the burning blade reveals the cloaked figure, the black armor, the terrifying mask. The sound of harsh, mechanical breathing fills the alley.

Coming Soon to a To a Theater near You

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