Thursday, February 25, 2016

Real Work Conversations: Optimism

I can't believe I managed this one. We'd spent the afternoon taking down old televisions, and putting up new ones. We'd just taken one down and we were having some difficulty disconnecting it when the following exchange took place:

Boss: "Hang on. Let me get this wire... out of... the mount..."

Me: "Yeah, good luck with that."

Boss: "I think I can get it..."

Me: "Bloody optimist."

Boss: "Absolutely. I can do this..."

{Boss manages to untangle the wire, so I can finally set the television down.}

Me: "Do you think if you tried hard enough, you could turn into a tractor-trailer truck?"

Boss: "Sure, with enough work."

Me: "You know what that makes you, right?"

Boss: "What?"

Me: "Optimist Prime."

Boss: {gapes}

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