Monday, August 3, 2015

Unentombed 2: Reawakened (the real one)

V-C Johann Borasteros woke in his capsule, enclosed in absolute darkness, with the sure and certain knowledge that he'd been activated for combat. He knew because his heart was beating and his flesh felt strong. Med-checks never felt like this.

A screen flickered to life in front of him, scrolling text explaining his orders while a sequence of maps were displayed underneath. He had been placed in a hidden bunker beneath Command Base McAlister on a planet called Veda, along with a dozen other commandos. He had no idea where that was, but it didn't matter; planetary locations were a problem for VoidCom. All he needed was the layout of the building where he'd be fighting, and the maps were filling that in already.

Alien invaders, he thought. Huh. But apparently they were alien invaders who resembled human beings in size and shape, and in their general biology; the words "parallel evolution" were probably floating around SciCom a lot these days. He wondered briefly which days these were, and how long he'd been out; but like the location of the planet, it didn't really matter. Not for the moment.

The screen stopped displaying new information, and Borasteros said: "Acknowledged."

For a moment, everything went dark. Then the lid in front of him swung open, taking the screen with it, and Borasteros stepped smoothly out of his capsule.

His personal weapons were already on him; they had been kept in storage with him. Command, however, had also provided a conventional armory: the far wall of the bunker was covered with racks of guns and crates of ammunition. Borasteros straightened his rig -- essentially just a heavy cloth belt and baldric that buckled over his skin-tight bodysuit -- then went to collect more weapons. If the base was overrun as thoroughly as their orders indicated, they were going to need them.

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