Friday, August 21, 2015

Cultural Referents from my Children

So... a couple of weeks back, the boys and I attended a swim party for a small boy. (Beautiful Wife was too busy to attend.) So we went, swam, ate pizza and snacks, and generally had a good time.

The pool was large but not deep; I don't think it ever got deeper than four feet. It was also out in the open and completely free of shade. In Texas. In August. And while we had brought sunscreen, I'd forgotten to grab the Ugly Green Hat that protects my head from catching fire in direct sunlight.

So, after a few minutes of swimming, I got out and draped one of the towels over my head to create an impromptu cowl.

Firstborn was the first to notice. He swam over to the edge and said: "Assassin's daddy!" Then he reconsidered: "No, Daddy's Creed."

Secondborn came by a few minutes later. "You wook wike Guardians of the Galaxy."

I said, "What?"

"The bad guy from Guardians of the Galaxy. What is he called?"

"Ronan," I said. "His name is Ronan."

"You wook wike Ronan."

So, there you go: Daddy in his impromptu sunburn protection, as interpreted by his two boys.

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