Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last Call For Cookies

Me: "Boys... it's now Last Call For Food. However, your mother is baking cookies. So if you want to wait until their done, I'm prepared to offer you a cookie-based extension."

Secondborn: "I want a cookie!"

Firstborn: "What kind of cookies are they?"

Me: "Delicious."

Firstborn: "But what kind are they?"

Me: "Garlic and onion sugar cookies with bacon frosting."

On a related note, Firstborn has a remarkably eloquent and well-practiced face-palm gesture.


  1. Garlic chocolate chip cookies are surprisingly tasty. While I doubt that adding onion would improve things any, I bet bacon frosting would. Mmmmm... bacon

  2. So, of course, after I finish posting, it occurs to me to search for bacon to see if it actually exists.

  3. Of course it exists! Bacon-flavored everything exists!

    I've never actually tried garlic chocolate chip cookies. I'll have to do that.

  4. If you do, please post a review, offspring's reactions included.

    And of course, I left out a "frosting" in my previous comment.


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