Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Illness Dreams

So, yeah: I was sick last night. Maybe still today, too -- at least, it feels a bit like I got run over by a truck, and I am not tracking well at all. Apparently it's that time of year again.

Interesting dreams, though. I was in a place, a ruin -- maybe a derelict and partly-collapse shopping mall, since there were ledges or balconies around the outside and a shallow pool in the center that might once have been an ice rink. And I was trying to venture down into it, in search of something: answers, I think. About what had happened to me, maybe. Because there were some horrible things guarding the lower ledges. They were big, misshapen, and terribly strong... but I had some sort of shadow-whip-tentacle thing, and when I dropped from the crumbled edge of one ledge to the next balcony down, I cut right through two of them with it. I remember it being easy to call up, easy to use, and... hard to put away. But I managed, and I went past the corpse-chunks, and further down and around until I was able to sneak up to a door. Neither of the guards had time to sound an alarm.

Someone had come out of the door -- a woman in a cowl, not obviously like the others, but pale and vaguely unhealthy looking -- which was why it was open. She didn't see me slip inside and join the small group of huddled figures, and I kept the shadow-whip-tentacle-thing, um, restrained? potential? unmanifest? as not to draw attention. I remember that requiring some concentration.

I think the next step would have been to go deeper in -- we were in kind of a small anteroom or access way, with the far end blocked by a door. But, perhaps unfortunately, I woke up at that point. Back in the real world, it was just a little after midnight.

It was kind of a cool dream, both on its own merits and because it ties in directly with my current writing project. I'm not making any progress on that writing project, mind you, but apparently some part of my brain is at least thinking about it.

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