Saturday, May 3, 2014

Weird dreams, part Loki

So, last night I was trying to corner Loki in some sort of summer camp/getaway spot. He kept turning invisible, and being mortal I couldn't see him at all when he did. I did make him trip, though, once, by sticking my foot out just in front of a doorway a moment after he turned invisible. (Thor was not amused.) Also, at one point, the staff hooked up the entire building (which was big enough to have at least two floors, several bedrooms, a kitchen, and a dining hall) to a truck, and drove it to the spot where the rest of the vacation was supposed to take place. Every once in a while it would slow down or stop because of traffic, and people would fall over. Even Loki, once. And there was a crystal sword that I went somewhere to get - I *think* it was supposed to help me see him, but I still couldn't, and I think there was something I was supposed to do to get it working but then the boys woke me up.

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