Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weird Dreams, Highland Myst edition

So last night's dream was basically a Jon Keeyes film, which if it was an actual film would have been called Tropical Vacation Island of the Inbred Voodoo Cannibals... Yeah, I think that hits all the high points. There was the cheerful arrival of the vacationers, the lovely tropical island, the little wooden huts with their thatched roofs, and of course the little shrine hidden somewhere off the path, with its creepy little statues and ominous sigils. (How do I know it was a Jon Keeyes film, in particular? He was one of the vacationers.)

The huts were more a series of platforms of varying heights, connected by wooden stairs and walkways; the outer walls were only waist-high, making the whole thing very open and breezy, but the angled roofs offered a nice amount of shade. The arrangement provided a pleasant atmosphere and the illusion of privacy, but no real shelter. I'm pretty sure that's why we all headed into the woods when we figured out that something was wrong: we had to find a place where we could hide and defend ourselves, before the inbred voodoo cannibals started searching for us.

What we found was an old, derelict building which had probably been some sort of factory back in the day. In the back was an altar room, where three big blocks (old bits of machinery? I think so) had been converted to altars. The first two altars were tall and prominent (like, taller than my head), and of course they were covered with offerings and fetishes and candles and darkly smoking braziers and like that. The third one, though, was set further back and lower than the other two, so it was kind of hidden behind them. We wound up taking shelter on it, or possibly behind it. (My waking mind says that if I were making this slightly more believable, I'd have us find a secret passage back there.)

As usual, I got woken up before the really interesting bits - in this case, before the inbred voodoo cannibals could do more than start looking around to see where we went - so I can only imagine the increasing tension of the hunt, the occasional flash of terrifying violence, and our eventual dramatic escape (probably by boat). It's too bad, really. It was a fun dream, and it would have been even more fun to follow it through.

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