Friday, May 30, 2014

Today in Parenting... How Die-Glue Is Essential For A Playwright

So I'm working with Firstborn on some of his schoolwork, because somehow he has managed to fall behind... (Well, not "somehow". I mean, we know how. He fell behind by NOT DOING THE WORK. But I digress.)

Me: "So, you have your two characters. You've written down adjectives for each of them. You've decided that they're in, on, or near a volcano. Now you need to write a play about the animals surviving on the volcano."

Firstborn: "..."

Me: "Do you know how to write a play? I mean, do you know how the format works? Have you seen what a play looks like when it's written down?"

Firstborn: "Of course. It uses Die-Glue."

Me: "Die-Glue?"

Firstborn. "Yes, Die-Glue."

Me: "That sounds like something that sticks things together and then makes them die."

Firstborn: "It makes a play. One person talks, and then another."

Me: "..."

Me: "...Dialogue? Are you trying to say dialogue?"

Firstborn: "It looks like Die-Glue to me."

Me: "Only if you put the L in the wrong place."


  1. That's funny. They are writing plays in second grade?!

  2. Apparently. I mean, we're not talking Three Act Structure and Layered Symbolism, here, but yeah...


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