Monday, October 1, 2012

Fun New Game: Musical Diseases!

So, as of this afternoon, Secondborn is officially sick with whatever Firstborn had late last week - which has been both unpleasant and extremely messy. Which means that the tummy problems that Secondborn had earlier (a week before Firstborn came down with this) were something else entirely. Either that, or they're now passing their diseases back and forth.

The Beautiful Wife insists that we're actually all sick with more than one thing, which certainly seems possible. I seem to have the lightest case of it it/them, but that probably just means that the other shoe hasn't dropped on me yet.

One of the problems with being sick is that it makes it ever so much easier to get infected with new things. And once that cycle gets started, it's really hard to break. On the plus side, if we we can just manage to get everyone healthy, we'll probably be okay for a while.

So, my project for this evening is to cleanse our house. With bleach. Or fire. Or bleach that's been set on fire. Actually, that sounds pretty good. Burning bleach: because some days, over-the-counter disinfectants just don't cut it. Why the hell doesn't Target carry that?

Anyway... lots of cleaning. A lot of baths. Lots of laundry. Nowhere near as much sleep as I'd like.

...And, a small boy who just started whining again, because even though he's completely exhausted and more or less asleep, he's also very thirsty.

* * *

Well, that went just about exactly the way I expected. Remember, friends:

"Greater love hath no man than this, that he let himself be covered in the foulness expelled by his offspring." (John 15:13, Revised Parenting Edition)


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