Thursday, May 19, 2011

Movie Guy Voice

In honor of yesterday's paean to Newt Gingrich, and in particular D'Ma's suggestion that "Newt Gingrich" should be spoken in Movie Guy Voice, I'm proposing a contest. Write your own satiric movie tagline, in the following format:

In a world ________________________________, One Man will ___________________________.

So, for example:
In a world where the Literati enforce their will with gun-toting sheep, one man will stand firm to protect the country he is destined to lead.
The Bulletproof Ego
Starring Newt Gingrich
Coming this fall to a theater near you.

The prize will be... How 'bout a $20 Amazon gift certificate? Sure, why not. I can do that. Plus, it'll give you guys something to do while I'm inundated by the Big Local Music Festival.

I'll judge the entries and select a winner on Monday (May 23, 2011). Enter as many times as you want.

Addendum: Newt does NOT have to be the topic of your satire. Go after anything that seems a likely target. You might want to include a link to give the rest of us context, though.

I won't be posting tomorrow - too busy - but I do have a post scheduled to go up on Saturday morning, just in time for Judgement Day. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, for those of you who aren't up for a bit of creative writing:


  1. Obviously we're supposed to be using the content of "Newt Gingrich" to achieve this?

  2. Not at all. (I stuck in an addendum after I first posted it.) Doesn't even have to involve politics. Anything that inspires you to satire is fair game.

  3. Seriously. Use anything. Make fun of me, make fun of yourself, make fun of public figures, make fun of that one really annoying librarian who tries to keep people away from the books.

  4. Oh, I see that now. I read this way earlier and just got around to asking the question. Woulda helped if I'd read the instructions. Guess you know what kind of grades I got for that in school. I still don't read the instructions until I've exhausted other possible solutions. :)

  5. All right, here's an entry of my own:

    In a world of neverending work, one man will create a contest to challenge minds and encourage procrastination!

    That would be me, of course.

  6. Okay I'm not the most fantastic at creative writing, but here's my shot at it:

    In a world plagued with weeds, pestilence and varmints one woman undauntingly faces her foes to emerge victorious if not notorious!
    Starring D'Ma
    Spending hours each Saturday mowing her own damn grass!

  7. Ok I've got nothing for your creative writing assignment. Yet, maybe I will later.

    However, I found this

    You might have already seen it, but I immediately thought of you when I saw it.


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