Monday, February 22, 2010


I've mentioned in various music-related posts that a fair chunk of my music comes from dropping a term (or following a theme) through i-Tunes search. A few months ago I did one of these searches on "wanderlust".

This turned up some interesting results. I already had most of the usual suspects: Flogging Molly, Nightwish, Paul McCartney, Bjork. Among the ones that I hadn't run into previously, I found:

1. "Wanderlust" by Action Plus (arguably the best new addition on the list)
2. "Meltdown" by Laura Burhenn (from the album Wanderlust)
3. "Beauty in the Beast" bu Gavin Rossdale (another one where the album name was Wanderlust)
4. "Wanderlust" by Bill Leverty's Wanderlust
5. "Wanderlust" by Frank Black
6. "Wanderlust" by Em&Ali (who get bonus points for their album title: Love Songs For The Wicked)
7. "Wanderlust" by Effron White

For an additional song in this general theme, I'm tempted to suggest the Indigo Girls "Get out the map". Additional songs or ideas for other themes/terms are welcome in the comments.

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