Monday, February 15, 2010

More strange dreams

For the last three nights, I've had dreams about traveling. The first was an airplane ride, except that the pilot was flying us through a city, so we were dodging around buildings and under brdiges and the like. We were going at a crazy speed, and even did a couple of spins; the whole thing was very roller-coaster-ish. I remember thinking, in the context of the dream, that if the pilot made a mistake we were all going to die, but it wasn't really a nightmare; we never crashed. I'm pretty sure we landed, because later I remember trying to find and/organize the group and make sure everybody had what they needed.

The next night was a train, where I was boarding with someone except we somehow got confused; when the train pulled out, I was on it but I wasn't sure if (or where) she was.

The third dream also featured a train, except it was in the process of turning into a forest (like the bedroom in the Where The Wild Things Are, except the tunnel was changing too, and the train was moving at the time). It was beautiful, and more than a little psychedelic. Unlike the first two, this dream didn't have much narrative structure.

I don't do a lot with dream interpretation; I figure that anyone trying to interpret my dreams is in for a bit of rough time, since my personal mythos and symbol sets are more than a little idiosyncratic. Still, there's a definite theme here: these are traveling dreams, and the first two involving traveling without much control, while the third one combines travel with a profound change in the landscape.

I'm cautious about reading too much into this, but I suspect they have to do with the impending birth of Secondborn, who is due in April. Having a child, you see, pretty much consumes any free time that you might have had (or even hoped for). With Firstborn due to turn four in June, I was finally - finally - reclaiming some time for my own projects. In the middle of April, that time is going to dissolve - and if the last time is any indicator, it will be gone for another three years.

So, yeah: it's just possible that my underbrain is feeling a little out of control.

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