Friday, February 26, 2010

Second or Third?

I Am Second is a Dallas-based outreach program. It's distinctly Christian, but doesn't - or at least it claims not to - promote any specific denomination. The campaign has a surprising amount of money behind it, and is most visible from a series of billboards. Each billboard features a single person, the slogan ("I am second") and the URL. Apparently they have quite a bit of Youtube and Facebook presence as well, but I haven't run into those.

While driving past one of these billboards, my wife remarked: "You know, when I was in church camp, the slogan was always, 'First is third!' The sequence was God first, Others second, and Yourself third." She chuckled. "This campaign is like, 'Okay, fine, Jesus can be first. But I am second! And everyone else will just have to wait.'"

I'm sure the founders and members would argue that we're misreading them, that they intend to put themselves second to others as well as Jesus. I have no idea whether they're doing anything worthwhile or not. But I do see a lot of these odd, odd signs - and they sure look like they're putting others third.

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