Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Need More Horsemen

We need more Horsemen. Why? Because some days, four just isn't enough.

Pestilence... War... Famine... Death... And, from the Other Text, Pollution. I'd like to add Network Failure. Feel free to suggest additional Horsemen in the comments.


  1. You are just full of horses.... :)

  2. Full of horse-somethin', all right.

    Can Global Warming be a Horseman, too? I think he's feeling left out.

  3. I vote to add Monday as a Horseman. And perhaps FUBAR as well.

  4. I cast my vote for Toddler Tantrums. This horseman gallops across the land, making the wearied nations of the earth drink from the fullness of his Sippy Cup Of Wrath.

  5. ::snerk:: Oh, yes. That's going in a sermon... "FEAR the SIPPY CUP of WRATH!"

    I love it.


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