Monday, July 19, 2021

The Dragon's Hoard

Fighter: "We'll attack the dragon while it's sleeping."

Wizard: "You guys pound on it. I'll keep ennervating it until it's too weak to fight back."

Barbarian: "And then we take its hoard!"

Rogue: "Um, guys? I scouted ahead, and... that isn't gold. The dragon is sleeping on a pile of teeth."
Cleric: "...What did you just say?"
Rogue: "Teeth. It's sleeping on a massive pile of human and animal teeth."
Wizard: "..."
Barbarian: "..."
Cleric: "...Teeth?"
Fighter: "Okay, new plan, guys. We turn around and we walk out of this cave and we never come anywhere near this place ever again."
Barbarian: "Sold."

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