Thursday, April 15, 2021

It must be Thursday...

Well, it's Thursday -- the day when almost all of us wake up and seriously question the life choices that brought us here. I've gotten more writing done on Shadow Academy. On the one hand, it's progress so it's satisfying; on the other hand, it started with a bit of cleanup of my opening scene, which meant trimming off most of it and writing it again in a way that allowed me to introduce new elements more sequentially. 

And who knows? I may go back and rewrite the entire opening scene, Just, y'know, not now. Right now, I just want to get this part wrapped up so I can move on to the parts I really want to be writing. 

Do other writers get impatient with their own pace and the need to introduce their readers to their world? I imagine so. It can't just be me. 

(I didn't used to have this issue, but then I used to have a lot more free time... Nowadays, I'm so busy with making sure that everything happens when it needs to that it takes at least an hour to get my brain to settle down from meals and wakeups and prescriptions and bedtimes, and let me tell you that is not optimal when you're trying to squeeze a bit of writing in at the end of the evening. I end up staying awake later than I should, and pay for it the next day. And that, too, was easier when I was younger.) 

Anyway: our fourteen-year-old protagonist Darian has had his fortune told by a dead man, and been accepted to the Shadow Academy. Now I just need to introduce his family, settle his affairs, and send him on his way. 

That might, now that I think about it, explain the First-Day-In-College-How-Do-I-Find-My-Way-Around? dreams the other night.  Well, fine. I'm sure I can locate my dorm room, and I'll probably figure out the class schedule sometime soon, right? 


And then I can get more sleep. Beautiful sleep. Wonderful sleep. I've missed you, sleep.

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