Tuesday, April 6, 2021

EvilParty: Ship-shape

We're on a sinking ship. Our vampire sorcerer has made an emergency exit to his coffin after getting very nearly destroyed by a particularly annoying wizard. While we wait for him to recover (which will basically take an hour) we return to the submarine. Now we're running around sinking smaller boats.

The big boats are rapidly damaging our allies, but they're also losing a significant number of their support craft (to us). We've also turned the elves loose with one of our lifeboats, and they're rapidly making their escape.

After fifteen minutes or so, we decide maybe we should try to sink one of the big boats, preferably without engaging any Solari directly. (Ha ha ha...) So, we pick the ship that fireballed our vampire, and smash into it from behind. Again, we smash our way in, and some distance down its length. And again, we smash right through some cells that held prisoners. DnD being what it is, only two of them die, though -- and they were probably both evil. Maybe.

So, now we're once again lodged in the hull with enemies around us. Hatch decides to wait on Jenny the Barbarian, since Hatch is really not equipped with the kind of spells that can be cast from inside the magical mechacrab.

Jenny decides to rend a guard with the crab-claw, and murders two of them. Durest summons a giant evil praying mantis -- "Chompy" -- and it bites one of the guards. The elves step out of their cells, grab weapons, and start shooting at the guards.

One of the guards rages and steps in to attack our crab-boat. A rogue slips underneath, looking for a way to get inside. Hatch opens the hatch and finds himself looking at the rogue; he attacks the rogue with magic missile.

The other guards move in to attack. Jenny drops down in the middle of them, next to the rogue. Jenny lays her chain into one of them, killing him; she then carries the attack around into his buddy, who also dies; so she keeps going and connects with the rogue, because Great Cleave is a thing of beauty in this sort of situation. The rogue goes down, and she turns to the barbarian with the halberd, injuring him badly.

One of the elves kills Chompy; another slips around to flank the barbarian guard, but the barbarian kills him. The third one moves in and damages the barbarian.

Durest drops down and yells, "Hey! No more murderin' me bugs! We're on your side, sort of."

Three wizards drop down the ladder; one tries to disintegrate the crab, and fails to destroy it outright but does do some damage. His assistants try to scorching ray Jenny; one hits, one misses.

The one remaining barbarian attacks Jenny, hitting her twice. Hatch attempts to tag the wizards with an empowered fireball, and discovers that they're covered by a minor globe of invulnerability. Two of the elves attack newly-arrived sailor/guards; the other two fire off arrows at the wizards.

Durest dispels the lesser globe of invulnerability, and the main wizard immediately recasts it. The two apprentices cast Protection from Arrows on themselves. Hatch drops Displacement on Jenny, and Jenny moves over to the wizards. The barbarian tries to attack her as she moves, but misses.

Jenny rages, and goes for a moderate level of Power Attack. The wizards are definitely some sort of protection -- basically the same bullshit that Hatch does, with Mage Armor and Shield. She kills the nearest apprentice, and nearly kills the second one. The elves are still killing guards. Durest moves up next to Jenny, just as the main wizard tries to disintegrate her and only succeeds in damaging her.

Jenny tries to kill mages, but they're using illusions to protect themselves now. Durest drops Inflict Moderate wounds on the wizards and the newly-arrived monk.

The monk tries to attack Hatch, but misses, then hits twice. (Hatch should not have taunted him.) The wizards blast Jenny with Magic Missile. Ramekin comes down to pour a healing potion down Hatch's throat. Jenny attacks the main wizard, and takes him down, then kills off one of the apprentices; there is now one left, and the monk.

Durest drops a Mass Cure Serious Wounds, healing himself and Hatch and Jenny, and including two of the elves as a courtesy. They look a bit surprised as Durest calls, "Aye lads, you're welcome!"

Hatch tries to stab the monk, and the monk hits him with Stunning Fist again -- damaging and stunning him both. The monk turns and tries to stun Durest but fails, then turns the remainder of his attacks on Jenny. Jenny, however, is still protected by Hatch's spell, and he fails to connect. (Punches the heck out of the illusion, though.)

The last of the apprentices uses Dimension Door to escape. Jenny attacks the monk, damaging him despite his attempts to dodge. The elves send some arrows his way, nearly hitting Durest.

Durest sidles over and drops Cure Serious Wounds on Hatch. The monk immediately turns around and attacks hatch, then turns and damages Durest a bit. Ramekin puts another healing potion into Hatch, who again tries to stab the monk and again fails. Hatch plays dead.

Meanwhile, the crab starts flailing around: the apprentice wizard has teleported into it.

The elves miss. Durest uses Dimension Door to get into the crab, where there's a mage sitting in the front seat. "Oh, shit!" cries the mage.

He tries Scorching Ray, and takes out Durest, who is now dying on the floor of the crab.

Hatch casts True Strike, while Jenny flails away with her chain and delivers some damage to the monk... then drops her chain. The elves finally manage to put some arrows into the monk, who decides that it's definitely time to run into the crab.

Hatch uses Dimension Door to put himself, Jenny, and Ramekin into the crab. Jenny: "Excuse me, sir. I do believe zis is my crab. Hyu should get hyur own crab."

Jenny reaches down and takes Durest's mace. She promptly brains the mage. The elves are now looking around, confused; they start trying to bandage each other, since everybody seems to have vanished.

The monk tries to attack Jenny, but her illusiony protection is still keeping her mostly safe. The monk turns around and pounds on her, and Hatch reaches up and stabs him, but the attack is remarkably ineffective. Ramekin attempts to strike the monk, but misses. Jenny finishes him off.

Hatch uses one of his Cure Light Wounds potions to restore Durest. We loot the monk, gathering some very nice items, then move on to the wizards. We leave the boat in the hands of the elves, but first we smash the next artifact that's supporting the anti-teleport field. There's probably at least one more, and it's probably on the third of the big ships.

Having done this, we can afford to wait out the rest of the hour while smashing smaller boats, until Chuck finally wakes up. By this point the bay is basically one large shipwreck.

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