Monday, June 29, 2020

Music: Parasite Eve, and also I'm burned out for no good reason

Bring Me The Horizon:

So this weekend I accomplished very little, except to stay out of Beautiful Wife's way (she's teaching a summer class, and that always devours her life until it's finished) and run a couple of loads of dishes. Oh, and make sure everybody got fed, and walk the dog a couple of times. Which sounds a lot more useful than it feels, honestly.

Like, I did things to help out around the house, but I didn't do enough to help out around the house. Laundry needs sorting -- still. Secondborn's room needs to be cleaned -- still. There's at least one more load of dishes that needs to be run -- still. And there's stuff at work that needs to be done (some of it after hours, from home) -- still. And I'm trying, but I'm just not here for any of it. It just feels like it's piling up, and the more it piles up the less energy I have to work on any of it. This despite getting a decent night's sleep and a long nap on Sunday.

I'd like to just collapse for a week, and then start over; but that's not going to happen, of course.

So I'm going to make another cup of tea, maybe take some Ibuprofen and see if that helps, and try to focus long enough to get the critical stuff done. And tonight I'm running a D'n'D game, but I think the moment that's done I just go right the heck to sleep. Allergy meds may help, too. But posts here on the Blog o' Doom may be a bit sparse this week, while I try to pull myself back together.

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