Friday, June 5, 2020

Darvinin: Reunions 1

"So here's the plan," said Leander the Elf, spreading out a map. "Evrimon goes in as cat, after Sam sets a fire over here to distract everyone. Then Mistra will post up on the roof here to cover us, and Shanna, Darvinin and I come to the door disguised as a displaced family looking for work. We talk to Baethira and Ruin and the others if they're there, and Darvinin figures out if they're really themselves, and then we meet back at the edge of the market, here, to regroup."

Evrimon said, "I do not make a particularly convincing house cat, though I'll admit that it sounds as if this Ruin might be willing to keep a sabertooth for a pet."

Sam said, "Should we be lighting things on fire in the middle of Ammon?"

Shanna shook her head. "It's clever, but too complicated. Too much could go wrong. Evrimon, you can be a convincing stray dog?"

Evrimon sniffed. "More easily than a house cat."

"So you go first. Watch the house. When they come out, check their scents." Shanna glanced at Darvinin. "If they smell like true elves, then we'll disguise you and you can approach them."

Darvinin nodded slowly. "The simpler approach seems better."

Leander the Elf leaned back, lips curling in a pout. "Everybody always wants the simple plan. You can't pull off a proper heist with a simple plan."

"Perhaps," admitted Mistra, "but this isn't a heist. This is a scouting run. An impostor is unlikely to have disguised their scent, so we check that first. If it seems right, then we move Darvinin in to make sure we're actually talking to the right people."

Leander sighed. "Very well. But when it comes time for a heist--"

"Oh, believe me," said Sam, "You're our authority on that."

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