Monday, June 22, 2020

Looks Like Someone's Got A Case Of The Mondays

So, last week was rough -- not for any particular problem or event, but just because I was feeling run-down and unfocused and sort of barely making it. So, I spent the weekend recuperating (and finally looked at a couple of work-related things that I needed to finish and/or test off-hours) and really didn't accomplish much. In particular, I really didn't accomplish any sort of writing at all. My big achievement for the weekend (aside from finally finding the will to look at the work-thing) was to run a couple of loads of laundry and dishes, and get the sink emptied.

The sink refilled itself with dirty pots and pans on Sunday night, which I'm sure is a metaphor for something horrible.

Still, I am feeling a bit better and from the look of things I wasn't the only one who wasn't up for much last week. (That's somewhat reassuring.) And I have a couple of follow-up things to do to on the work-stuff that had to be done after hours which I can actually do this morning.

Also, my hair is copper-colored.

Apparently, Revlon hair dye behaves very differently from the Splat stuff I tried earlier; the Splat soaked most strongly into my silver and gray hairs, leaving the still-dark hairs still dark. The Revlon, on the other hand, took over everything and rendered it a fairly uniform shade of auburn. I am not complaining about this, to be clear; in fact, I took the opportunity to shave and then went down to HR and try to apply for a job as my own cousin.

Onwards and upwards, my friends. Nothing but good times ahead.

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