Friday, December 20, 2019


It's Friday. It's a half-day for the boys' schools, and a full day for me with a rather large project that I need to complete or repair (I'm not honestly sure which), preferably before people start screaming at me about it. I got a huge amount of sleep last night, so hopefully I have enough brain to push this through -- and also, hopefully the lack of traffic this morning will correspond to a lack of people interrupting me with other crises while I'm trying to fix this one. We'll see.

No new scenes for Into The Black this morning, which is disappointing (to me personally; possibly to you as well, dear readers). Same for Dark Armor. This has just been a bad week for getting shit together, and what I have managed has been strictly work-related (though at least I'm accomplishing something). Here's hoping the holidays go well for everyone; I'm taking the next week off from the blog, so if I do write anything it'll go up after Christmas (and possibly after New Years). See you then!

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