Thursday, December 26, 2019

Thuersday? Fridnesday? Blahsday.

Okay, we all survived Christmas. Presents have been opened, food has been eaten, games have been played. The new dog has pulled a Full Gojira on the gingerbread house, but I got the gingerbread back from him and cleaned up the mess. So now it's The Day After Christmas and I'm back at work.

Having said that, I have no idea what day this actually is. Is it Monday? It kind of feels like a Monday, except almost nobody is here. Thursday? I think that's what the calendar says. I'm not lucky enough to have it be a Friday, I'm fairly sure of that. Not entirely, but fairly.

Screw it. If you have to be at work on the day after Christmas, it gets its own day of the week and that day is Blahsday.

Hope Y'all're having a really great Blahsday this week.

Gods, I wish I could be home in bed.

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