Friday, February 22, 2019

Cardboard Cartography Complete

This morning, we have pictures (at last!) of the finished project. Well, mostly finished. There was still one figurine taped to his location-square, because his glue hadn't finished drying overnight and when I tested him, well... we had to re-glue him. But all the labels have been added, and the path, and a compass rose, and anyway by the time Firstborn had to give his presentation on it everything was dry and good to go. And we only had one Sharpie accident (not to be confused with a Shar-Pei accident, which is a different thing altogether) and it only required us to re-spraypaint one small section of the map.

I'll try to get some better pictures when it comes back from school; the top-down view really doesn't do justice to the the 3D-ness of the map.

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  1. I know absolutely nothing about these books/this world, but that sounds like such a cool project (to have a finished version of, at least, if not the exhausting making of it). Seems like a keeper.


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