Monday, February 25, 2019

Goat Head: The Explanation

I have been told that maybe, just maybe, I ought to elaborate on why I was driving around with a severed goat head in the trunk of my car. Which, y'know, fair...

My father, while an engineer by training, has a distinct interest in biology, which led among other things to his having a large collection of skulls in his workroom. Meanwhile, I was friends with a pair of rabbis who owned a small ranch just outside of Stephenville. So, when the time came to slaughter Judah The Ram, well... knowing about my father’s interests, the rabbis decided that father should add Judah's skull to the collection, with myself as the logical courier.

Either that, or I was being well paid to perform a bit of mafia-related necromancy, and this just my cover story.

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