Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sunday at Grandfather's Place

We haven't been as regular about visiting with the boys on Sunday afternoons since Grandfather got remarried. This isn't deliberate on either of our parts, it's just that his new wife keeps a reasonably active schedule which often includes Sunday afternoon activities -- and that, as I've mentioned, is a good thing, as my father was built for neither solitude nor inactivity.

And we did manage to visit last Sunday, and had a pretty good time of it. Secondborn wanted to shoot disposable cups with the BB gun, but we couldn't find it. (It got put away somewhere, we're not sure quite where.) So instead I located our old blowgun, and showed him how to use that.

He had a great time with it, and then he had a great time showing his brother how to use it. It's not often that Secondborn gets to show Firstborn how to do something new, so I think the experience was good for both of them.

Firstborn then retired to eat some ice cream in the tree branches overhead:

...And that's really all the pictures I took. We headed back home when it appeared that we'd exhausted the Grands, and all was once again right with the world.

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