Thursday, January 10, 2019

Return of DnD Night

So, last week our characters had a large battle, and then departed to deal with an elite squad who'd been sent to burrow under our wall so that they could pass troops and materials into our lands without difficulties. That breach was supposed to take place at Southpoint, which had been one of the five gatehouses along the wall until the Sol Povan army decided that it wasn't worth maintaining and sealed the gate.

We arrived at Southpoint to find that a small family of lizardfolk had been living in the ruins of the old gatehouse support buildings, and actually fixing them up with bits of whatever they found. They had some tunnels under their "home", but their tunnels were now "haunted". Also, they pointed out another group over on the far side of the wall, who had set up a large and colorful tent and were definitely Up To Something.

We concluded that the people in the tent were the elite mercenaries from the invading army, so naturally our bard strolled over to distract them by playing folk music at them. (In the real world, of course, this sort of behavior is forbidden by the Geneva conventions, but this is D'n'D...) The rest of us descended into the "haunted" tunnels beneath the lizardfolks' building after convincing them that we were, in fact, there to fix their toilets.

Things went... badly.

The "haunted" tunnels were haunted by skeletons, including two wolves and two Girallon skeletons -- very possibly the same ones we battled as living creatures last week. Meanwhile, as the group descended the stairs and moved to engage the skeletons, a pair of bad guys used a wall of ice to cut off our sorceress and promptly kidnapped her. This is bad. One of the two bad guys was the same Solarii who had come to warn us of the elite force trying to tunnel under this gatehouse, while the other was a Cassadia. (Cassadia turns out not to be a person so much as a convenient identity, or possibly an order of sorceresses who all use the name; either way, very definitely on the Bad Guys side, here.) This is worse.

The bard, meanwhile, found only two guards inside the tent and managed to subdue both of them through a ruthless combination of Charm Person and lullabies. The large wagon hidden inside the tent held a bullette, a giant burrowing monster also known as a landshark. (Cue the old SNL jokes, because we certainly did.) He then poked around until he found a chest that had... lots and lots of little bags full of ground-up gems. Which immediately caused the landshark to perk up like a two-month-old puppy. Which is almost exactly how the gnome bard treated it.

Back in the tunnel, the main group managed to put down the skeletons, then break back out past the wall of ice. One of the lizardfolk was yelling that the bard was in trouble, and sure enough we emerged to find that a bunch of armed warriors had come up from another tunnel on the far side of the wall, and were surrounding the tent.

I am here to tell you that while we rushed to attack them, it was the bullette that made all the difference. That thing is big, and tough, and (once all the bad buys were dead) surprisingly snuggly as well. So at the end of the game we'd killed four skeletons and twenty or so elite troops, we'd prevented the Bad Guys from connecting their tunnel to the existing ones, and we were missing our sorceress (who is also our linguist, which is almost certainly why she was taken).

Revenge. Will. Be. Ours.

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