Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Daddy Takes A Vacation Sort Of

As you can probably tell from the complete lack of activity here on the Blog o' Doom, I took the last three days off. Part of this is just to get some time to myself, which has been at least partly successful. The other part was to get the boys started back to school, since they began their new semester yesterday. The idea, of course, was that I would get everyone back on schedule, then have the days for some rest-and-activities of my own.

Unfortunately, I needed a lot more rest than I realized, and also I'm apparently much better at keeping everybody else on schedule than I am with myself. So the time off has not been as productive as I'd hoped, but it's still been good. Plus, we've gotten boys to school two days in a row without anybody melting down, so I should probably just take the win on that.

Despite our best intentions, I have not managed to play D'n'D with the boys at any time during the holidays; I hope to fix that this weekend. But mainly, I plan to go to bed tonight as soon as the boys do, possibly with some melatonin, and try to be thoroughly rested when I go back to work tomorrow. So, anything that doesn't get done this afternoon is just going to have to wait.

Things I haven't done:
Run DnD for the boys
Any real writing

Things I have done:
Gotten the new Windows 10 laptop up and running (which, wow, I always forget how much work that is)
Run a lot of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen a bit
Drunk a lot of tea
Read the first two books of K.B. Wagers' The Indranan War series, which are essentially space opera and a great deal of fun: politics, intrigue, violence, explosions, well-developed characters, a strong Found Family vibe, and suitably villainous villains. (I need to come back and do a proper review of these, and I probably will once I finish the trilogy.) If that sounds like your kind of thing, check them out.
Played DnD

Things yet to do:
Yeah, that would be the writing

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