Monday, January 14, 2019

Horoscopes, January 14 2019 edition

The darkness is hungry. Stockpile all the light sources you can: candles, lamps, flashlights. Make sure you have plenty of batteries and fuel for the generator.

They're behind the walls. They listen, and they wait. They know all your secrets, the big ones and the small ones. Today would be a really good time to look for a new home.

Stay away from water today. Any water. If you're thirsty, have someone make tea for you - but tell them to get the water all the way to a boil, and make sure the tea has at least five minutes to steep before you try to drink it.

It's buried under that tree you used to play in. It won't be easy to find, or to dig out. The tree's roots have claimed it for their own.

You'll have the most horrible nightmares tonight, but they don't actually mean anything. They're just random anxiety couple with snacking too close to bedtime.

Look twice -- look carefully --before making that left turn. This is very, very important.

There's something following you. You can't see it. You can't hear it. It is every bit a fearsome and malicious as you fear. It can't stand to hear people singing, though.

That restaurant you were planning to eat lunch at? Wait until next week for that. Go somewhere else, anywhere else, especially today.

Today would be a good day to take some time and really plan out the details of your revenge. It will make all of 2019 go much more smoothly.

You'll get your lab results back to day, and they'll be... ominous. Especially because you didn't know you were getting tested.

A dark stranger will be watching over you today, but he won't do anything to help. He's just watching, waiting for it to happen.

Stay close to other people today. Don't go anywhere alone. Trust me on this.

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