Friday, November 30, 2018

Again? Again.

So I've been doing that thing where I stay up a little too late trying to get things done, don't get them done, and then stay up even later the next night trying to get them done. If this sounds like a vicious cycle leading directly to dangerous levels of exhaustion, then I salute you: you have a keen grasp of the obvious. Unfortunately, at least in my case, seeing it isn't tantamount to controlling it. Though, I don't know, I may be at least getting better at not staying up quite so late or letting myself get quite so tired.

Anyway: tonight we sleep, next week we do more writing. My goal for next year is to get at least one novel finished, cleaned up, and on track to be published. (Yeah, I realize it's a bit early for a New Year's Resolution. What can I say. I'm a rebel? Sure, we'll go with that.)

Anyway, I'm mostly typing this all up as a way of telling to myself, to remind me to actually follow through on it.

How're the rest of you doing?

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