Monday, August 22, 2016

A Confrontation at Twilight

The man straightened, regarding his accuser. "No," he said, with flat authority. He was a tall man, handsome, richly dressed, and wore dignity like a cloak. "I am the Keeper of the Flames, the Transmuter of Organics, the Adder of Flavor, and the Watcher of the Grocery List, and I say to you that if you have not finished your food, you may have no dessert!"

"But Daaaaaaaaaad...!"


  1. Is an Adder of Flavor like a Snake of Seasoning?

  2. Very much so. You could also compare it to the great worm that brings the spice.

  3. Wise in the ways of BBQ are you, Michael Muad'Dib.


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