Thursday, May 21, 2015

Welcome To The New Police State

I've been reading more about the Jade Helm / Martial Law / "invasion" theories, and the thing that fascinates me most is this: why do these people think that the federal (or state, or even local) government would require some sort of military exercise to impose harsh, restrictive laws on American citizens?

Such things could easily be (and have been, and are being) imposed through various legislatures and the courts. Human beings are adaptable; nobody is going to fight back if the changes are gradual enough, or can be written off as part of some noble effort. The War On Drugs, and its efforts to protect our freedom by jailing vast numbers of people for crimes that neither break their neighbor's legs nor pick their pockets, is an obvious and unlovely example of this. Why give away the game with a Dramatic Military Exercise?

It reeks of a poorly-run roleplaying game. The threat has to be obvious enough, dramatic enough, that even the Player Characters can recognize it. An esoteric legal decision? Who cares? Give us a military invasion, so we have something we can fight back against without having to think too hard.

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