Saturday, May 30, 2015

How much rain are we getting in Texas?

The ants on our window just spelled out "WHERE IS EMBASSY?" followed by "WE NEED ASYLUM".

Kevin Costner just put his gills back on and bought a new boat.

The signs that say, "Do Not Cross If Water Is Above This Marker" are underwater.

So are most of our highways.

The elephants in the zoo are practicing snorkling with their trunks, and the monkeys are trying a to cut a deal to ride on the giraffes.

One of my friends just got a new boat. It was an F150.

Carnival is now offering cruises to downtown Houston.

There are fish on the biking trails... and caught in the chain-link fence.

"It's a golf course!"
"It's a marina!"
"It's a golf course *and* a marina!"

The ducks are finally preparing to implement their plan for world conquest.

There's an old guy in College Station wandering the streets with a hammer and nails and demanding to know how long a cubit is.


  1. That's crazy. Are you very near the flooded area?

  2. Not really. The big danger in our area is flash floods -- at this point, the ground's so wet that every time it rains, it goes straight to the creeks and rivers. (And, to some extent, the roads.) My in-Laws' house is close to one of the creeks, but the city's Parks department had just finished scraping out the creek bed in front of their house, so they're still dry. (At least their house is. I'm not sure about the street in front of them.) We've had some lower-lying highways completely blocked -- there were people yesterday who were stuck for something like seven or eight hours; the Department of Transportation finally had to remove a section of Jersey barriers so they could get everyone turned around and sent back the way they came. But south of here in College Station is... well... this:

    And Houston, down near the coast, well...

    But you have to understand that Texas, on the whole, is the roughly the size of France. Houston is probably a four-and-half hour drive, on the highway, even in good weather. College Station is maybe three.

    So we're not that close to the areas that are seriously flooded out; on the other hand, one or two flash floods could do us some real damage. (See the picture of the park in my last post -- the problem there is basically that even if Richardson had some halfway-efficient way to pump it out, there's nowhere for the water to go -- it's likely to stay flooded for a while.)

  3. It looks like you might need to grow some gills. Or at least some webbed feet.


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