Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Random Dialogue: Old Time Religion.

Bah. You kids don't know what it's like. In the old days, everyone had an altar, or at least a Circle, right in the back yard -- and the blood on 'em was always fresh. What're ye doin' now, eh? Tithin'? Ye think the mightiest care about yer money? Settin' out bowls of milk? Ye think the true powers get thirsty for that? Never. Prayin'? Ye've given the ones ye petition nay reason t'listen t'you. Ye can do better. Ye can all do better. Bring back that old time religion, and I promise ye, ye'll see. Things ye can barely dream about these days, wonders and glories. Drench the world in blood and pain, and the things that dwell outside it will respond.

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