Friday, February 15, 2013

Weird Dreams part whatever: Monsters in Bomont

Woke up from some very weird dreams the other morning. (My dreams are often fairly memorable, especially if I'm getting enough sleep, and frequently hang together in a more-or-less coherent narrative.)

This particular dream was sort of a cross between Footloose and Dead Space. Since that's not a juxtaposition that I ever expected to encounter in any context whatsoever, let me try to explain. The plot went a bit like this:

  1. Young Man arrives in town.
  2. Preacher's Daughter takes an interest in the Young Man.
  3. Young Man discovers horrible, scary monsters.
  4. Preacher is upset because his daughter keeps running off / sneaking off to spend time with Young Man.
  5. Preacher confronts the young man and demands to know how dare he be seeing Preacher's Daughter without his permission.
  6. Young Man explains that while he'd love to be dating Preacher's Daughter, they haven't had time because they've been Fending Off The Monsters.
  7. Townsfolk seal off Monster Lair with a combination of explosives, construction equipment, and armed rednecks (mainly to guard the people driving the construction equipment).
  8. The End.


  1. Wait, no Young Man/Monster dance off? I am disappoint.

  2. There was a distinct lack of dancing. (Whether that's tragic or fortunate is open to debate.)

    I suppose if I were writing this as a movie script, I could close with the kids finally getting to have their prom - without, you know, fear of being mauled or devoured. (They were pretty creepy monsters.) In the actual dream, the Young Man had to leave town right after the monsters were sealed off and destroyed, so he never did get to date the Preacher's Daughter.


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