Monday, February 18, 2013

Road Trip!

Michael Mock set off on a weekend road trip with two other people. A year later, his journal was found. This... is his story.

Road Trip Journal, Entry 1
After several hours on the highway, we have arrived in the hinterlands of Texas. Not sure if Internet connection actually possible here. Honestly not sure if electricity and indoor plumbing have reached this region yet. Have checked into our hotel and brought bags and cooler up to our room. Woman who runs the place may very well be Norman Bates' mother.

R_ and L_ are supposed to have arrived last night. If they have been murdered in their sleep, we are not staying here.

Road Trip Journal, Entry 2
Presence of ice bucket in room seemed to imply that there's an ice machine around here somewhere. Not on our floor, but somewhere. After some checking around, was told that ice machine is in the far back corner of the ground floor.

The ground floor, despite having just as many No Smoking signs as our floor, is positively swimming in cigarette smoke. The sign on the ice machine asks us not to use it to fill up coolers. Am ignoring this with the same casual insouciance as the smokers are ignoring the No Smoking signs. Allergies already making me sniffly; smoke now making my eyes teary as well. Am no longer as concerned about being murdered in my sleep, as I am now considering the logistics of murdering others in their sleep.

Hotel claims to have public WiFi Internet connection. After forty-five minutes, have received notice from my firewall that I am now connected to a network. Does not matter, since my wireless card can only detect the network for about five seconds out of every fifteen minutes. Actual Internet connection completely nonexistent. Am beginning to wonder if I should have brought garlic and ash-wood stakes (vampires), silver bullets (werewolves), and pump shotgun (zombies, serial killers, rednecks). Reassured by fact that cell phones still work.

Road Trip Journal, Entry 3
Attempt to find the party will take us further off into the wasteland. Wish us luck.

Road Trip Journal, Entry 4
Passed horrible accident on way to party. Return route completely blocked. First Responders everywhere. Background music changed to something dark and ominous. This is doubly spooky since the music was coming from my iPod. Foreshadowing?

Road Trip Journal, Entry 5
Have arrived at party. Despite distance from civilization, I see plenty of people. Also pleased to find that party is actually a party, and not, say, a rave. Forgot to bring glow sticks.

Young man is twirling fire around in the back yard. No more ominous music, though. Plenty of food and drink.

Road Trip Journal, Entry 6
Back from party. Sound of dogs barkings... would swear it is coming from inside the hotel. R_ and L_ are still with us; we will risk it. Not like we could find anywhere else to stay at this hour anyway. Will be very cross if eaten by dogs, though.

Road Trip Journal, Entry 7
Slept soundly and woke in hotel bed. Kidneys still in place; no bathtubs full of ice. Not so sure about my liver, though. W_ reports touch of icy hands in the darkness last night, but we suspect that was his wife. In any case, he appears unharmed.

Am still stuffy from allergies and cigarette smoke. Shower helped. Hot water was dangerously erratic, in keeping with general character of the hotel. Food? May be best to look for that on the road. No zombies, serial killers, or threatening dogs so far, but one never knows...

Road Trip Journal, Entry 8
Sunlight is blinding and painful on skin. Am pretty sure that's just the hangover, as I do not recall drinking anyone's blood last night. Was also careful not to watch any strange videos or fiddle with any suspicious artifacts. Also avoided reading any ancient journals and offending any old scary old women. Back on the highway shortly. Hold fast to the hope that we may one day return to civilization.

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