Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving schedule

I don't expect to be on the computer this weekend. At least, not very much.

I do have one story idea, but I doubt I'll be able to write it. If I manage it, it'll go up tomorrow (Thanksgiving) around mid-morning. Otherwise, it's going to be pretty quiet around here until at least Monday.

So... consider this an open thread. Possible topics include:
  • Super heroes
  • Monsters
  • How you're preparing for the zombie apocalypse
  • Whether or not anyone would even notice the zombie apocalypse if it happened during the Black Friday sales
  • Whether Dr. Who could successfully prevent Gojira from destroying Tokyo
  • Thanksgiving and/or what you're thankful for
  • Were-turkeys vs. zombie elves: who wins?


  1. Were-turkeys vs. zombie elves: who wins?

    That question is so awesome it doesn't need an answer.

  2. I have not slept in 48 hours, and feel surprisingly good. Tired, but not amazingly so. I think something may be broken. But it's good practice for the zombie apocalypse, when sleep deprivation will be a way of life, given that I have no ability to get along well in groups of people for any extended period of time. I'd rather be eaten by a zombie cow trying to rough it in the wilderness than take part in any of the survivor group scenarios I can imagine.

    Not that I'll last long without guacamole and those sour cherry candy balls.

    Zombie elves have my vote. Zombie elves vs. were-bald eagles, though - that's something else. (And were-crows? We're all fucked.)

  3. -I believe Batman is not a superhero. He's a rich dork with mad tech. Friggin' hate Batman.

    -All I can think of is the "Don't Watch the Monsters" song from The Simpsons. Damn, I almost had an opinion on all of these bullet points.

    -I've been preparing for the zombie apocalypse for nigh on a decade now, by killing my own brain cells. When they come, they won't come after the hors d'oeuvre when there's gotta be at least 3 or 4 steaks in my neighborhood. Self-preservation is the word.

    -Black Friday is a horror screenplay that you should write before some unscrupulous commenter steals it. That sounds literally amazing. But my opinion is the zombies would get to the non-shopping poor people first. And for some reason, said poor zombies would love the song "Friday". It would make them go all "Thriller", except awful. And they would be waiting for the shoppers in the parking lot. Now I want to see this movie.

    -Nobody stops Gojira... except Gojira himself.

    -At present, I'm thankful that each Gallagher brother released an album this year (Team Liam!), that I discovered Seroquel this year, and that Playstation 2 games are cheap and plentiful.

    -Zombie elves. You can't kill the undead. And were-turkeys have got to be even easier to trick than real turkeys, no?

  4. Nice...

    @ Anonymous - I have to admit, life without guacamole might not be worth living.

    @ The Everlasting Dave - Batman and the second Blue Beetle occupy sort of the same niche: tech-enhanced normals. So, yeah: superhero isn't precisely the best term. (I actually like the GURPS term: Gadgeteer.) The latest Blue Beetle, with the fully-activated scarab, is a completely different story, of course.

    - Monster songs: I've got kids, so this is the first thing that comes to mind: Monster In The Mirror. Which I'll have to imbed in the next bit of commentary for Night of the Living Dead Christian, so thanks for reminding me about it.

    - Brain cells are overrated anyway. But that could be the rum talking...

    - Black Friday Zombies: we need to find some unemployed RTVF Major to produce this for us.

    - But if you touched Gojira with the key of time, maybe he'd turn into a little chunk of crystal? Or maybe he'd smack you down with enough radioactive breath to annihilate the TARDIS.

    - I'm totally with you on the PS2 games. One of these days I'll upgrade to a current platform, but that just sounds... expensive.

    - I don't know. Were-turkeys are probably at least as mean as regular turkeys, and I know people who use them in preference to watch dogs. But it was actually a trick question; the ninja bunnies (how do you think they manage to hide all those eggs without being seen?) would take them both out.

  5. I got "Gun" for the PS2 for like 4 bucks last week. It's Grand Theft Horse!

    Friday, Friday, gotta eat brains on black Friday...

  6. I've been playing a platformer called Vexx - not great, but it's good and it's cute, and it cost me right around $5.00.


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